Friday, June 24, 2011

Retro at the beach!

Ok.. have you BEEN to /artilleri/ yet?....  I should back up here a little..  A while back, Chance dragged me shopping (yes, he has to drag me often LOL but once we are out doing it we always have so much fun..   HE is the shopper in the family! =) )   We were looking for clothing for some photos he wanted to take and one of the series we were going to do was a 50s theme..   He immediately said.. "we HAVE to go to /artilleri/ Gabby.. this designer has the perfect clothes for this"  Plus I think he knew I'd like the store..   Needless to day, we had a great shopping spree that day!  I will definately have to blog some of those outfits soon!     If you are looking for something retro, rockabilly, or just super cool, you MUST come see this store!  The designer is Antonia Marat, an adorable talented young woman that I am so glad to have gotten to know. Besides clothing, she also has some wonderful "olden days" style furniture and other items.. You have to see it!  And Not only is she an amazing designer, but a truly genuine, funny and down to earth person..  Antie keep up the amazing work!
My most recent purchase is the swimsuit above.   I have a pageant coming up for Miss Sophisticated with Classic w/Style on Sunday..  and the swimsuit theme was 60's...  I walked into the store, and immediately spotted this awesome one piece and fell in love.. Not only does it come in this fantabulous pink, but blue, red black and more!   For me, I picked the pink..  *grins* specifically cause it went so well with this spectacular pair of glasses that Antie had in the FLF not long ago... How can I go wrong?..    Go to /artilleri/  You wont be sorry!!  =)
Bathing Suite and Glasses : /artilleri/
Hair  Lucia by Truth in espresso
Shoes by Maitreya

Til later times

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Anonymous said...

This looks amazing mon amour! I have never put on an Artilleri item that I didnt love! That is my style though so it's been my favorite find in SL. Love the hair, the everything!