Thursday, June 30, 2011

Be Unique! Get Fierce!

Where oh where has Gabby shopped this week? *grins*  As you can see behind me..  I went to visit a new to me store called Fierce ... First off, let me just say, jumping into this site was Such fun!!  First off, if you look behind me?  you'll see a bunch of little doors!  I so felt like Alice in Wonderland!  Curiouser and Curiouser! Each door will TP you to that specific part of the store.. SUCH fun!   For me, I went in the main entrance and decided to follow it around to see what fun I could find.  And find it I did!  From MM boards to a nightclub, you can find it all here!..    And then the designs of Sally Soleil are amazing!   Below you will see a mixture of some of the amazing outfits I have from there..  For the Independence day holiday there are some super great promotional items... 
Starting with Yankee Doodle Dandy *grins*.. then Lady Liberty!!   A USA Boxer.. and many more items are available for the holiday!  You'll also find a WIDE array of super hero costumes and other great imaginative outifts here!

Now also available at this great store are every day clothes,  evening clothes..  in many styles and colors..   This adorable mini dress is just one example!!
The dress below is also another..  Be warned! the dress below is a limited edition!!  While I did not take my picture in this gown yet, only 150 of these will be made EVER!  ( I bought one for myself, soooo..  there are less than 149 still available =P )  I chose to use the promotional poster for this so you can get all the info.. but.. Omg! I tried mine on, and how adorable is it!   On top of the amazing detail, as you are walking..  *whispers*  Little roses are left in your wake!!  They'll stay for about 20seconds..   great to remind people you were there *super grin*
So "read the directions and directly you will be directed in the right direction".. and head on down to Fierce...  You wont be sorry!!
( also check her out on marketplace : Fierce Designs )

OH!!! *stops in her tracks before leaving*    I would be completely remiss if I did not toss a shout out to the fabulous in store models that work at Fierce..They are scattered through out the store ( and the store is HUGE) and every one of them said hello, offered assistance, and in general were just very friendly..   Great staff, Sally =))

Now..  *grins*  Off to dinner..
Til later times...

Hair: Black Maria...   Actually thats the only thing different..   Everything else is the same..  

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