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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Zodiac: Aries

Another round of  Zodiac from Hottie Cooterati is upon us and this month is a personal favorite of mine: Aries.  I am an Aries, and in many ways fit the description of one to a T.  I am  fiery and passionate, at times impulsive, adventurous,  and much to poor Chance's consternation, I can be very stubborn.  As his sign, Taurus the Bull can also be, it can make for some interesting debates.  Though my temper can sometimes be quick, mostly do to that stubbornness and independence, I am also just as quick to laugh and love.  In looking at different sites to describe an Aries like me, I found this one showed both the positive and negative pretty well...  

I am very social, and love to be around people.  I do love that Chance will indulge this in me, and also will keep me grounded in our "home" time so we don't lose touch with each other in  a whirlwind of social events.  

I am very proud to be an Aries, the first sun sign of the Zodiac.  It fits who I am, both my good and my faults.   AND! it gives me a lovely birthday in the spring!  Hurray for April 10th!  Feel free to drop me a hello on that day!  

So this round of Zodiac?  SO many bright wonderful things are available!  My entire outfit can be found there, the shirt is part of the Ariana seperates available from elymode and the pansie jeans are  from ::Somnia:: .  My adorbs accessories?  The bag is from LVLE , the necklace from MG and the earrings from Noodles.  The pose is from Exposeur (yes! Chance DID make the airplane noises the whole time we were doing our photos!) and the swingset (which comes with its own amazing set of animations) is from {what next}. **Disclaimer** Sexy Cajun not available in stores or for Zodiac - he is one of a kind *grins* 

Head on down to see the rest of the amazing line up from the designers for this round! You won't be disappointed!

Til later times

My Other Credits:Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Red Mahogany)
Skin: Belleza Elle Deep Tan
Hair: >TRUTH< Crys - espresso
Nails: *Sexy Mama* prim nails

Friday, October 12, 2012

Cinema! ~Two Girls, One Bed..

Sultry.  Seductive.  Sinful.......               
                                                                             .....  Lust. 

*Coming October 13th* 

"So lust, thought to a radiant angel link'd,
Will sate itself in a celestial bed"

Hamlet 1.5.61-3, the Ghost to Hamlet

This Photo courtesy of Chance Raynier

See this and more at the official blog:

Be sure to check out the amazing creations on flickr that will be available at this one of a kind event!  

What Ecatarina Is Wearing:
Skin-LEAGUE Isla Suntan Champagne Blonde (Red Brows)
Hair-TRUTH Guinevere w/Roots – blood
Nails-Izzie’s – Metallic Gradient Nails
Outfit-Cracked Mirror Starlet Corset MESH (dual tone/red) & Ruffle Knickers (dual tone/red) (Available @ CINEMA Saturday, October 13th!)
Shoes-:::insanya::: Lythia Boots – Black
What Detective Hamilton Is Wearing:
Skin-Belleza Elle Tan
Hair-DeLa Mesh Hair “Joanna” Red 3
Eyes-Mayfly Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Spring Night)
Nails-Izzie’s - Classic Nails
Outfit-Cracked Mirror Starlet Corset MESH (black/blue) & Ruffle Knickers (black/blue) (Available @ CINEMA Saturday, October 13th!)
Shoes-N-core SHARK XtremeHeel “Galaxy”
Decor-Trompe Loeil – Canopy Bed Poplar Red Satin PG (Available @ CINEMA Saturday, October 13th!)
Pose-{.:exposeur:.} Between the Lines (Available @ CINEMA Saturday, October 13th!)