Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wedding planning.... the beginning stages..

Ok so..   Lets start out with saying... this engagement took me COMPLETELY by surprise *grins*.. yes, Chance and I have worn rings.. To signify our commitment to each other, our relationship, in what we called our "untraditional" way..    When he uttered the words.. " Marry me, Gabriella.. " I was floored.. the wind knocked out of me..  *smiles* and I dont think I realized til that moment, just how much i actually WANTED that..  He said I deserved the fairytale..   That we both did..  and I so agree.. 

Sooo Anyway..  I went shopping again today for the perfect wedding dress..   Ironically, I have a few in my inventory that were used for modeling, plus 2 that I bought on sale at ::Myth::  for 30Ls each..   That was a buy i couldnt resist ( *grins*  one of them was my prom dress)  .. They werent what i would have chosen for a wedding dress for myself..    But.. omg..  I found it.. I found the PERFECT dress!!   And I honestly hadnt known it would be perfect until I tried the Demo on..   To say I felt like a princess is an understatement.  I didnt want to take it off, even if it DID have "Demo" written all over it ....     Now,  I am not posting a picture of it yet.. *grins*..    but, I will post links to what I do know I will be wearing on that perfect of all perfect days..     Honestly,  As long as Chance is there, and our friends to witness our committment to each other,  I am the luckiest bride to be that I know.. 

Til later times

JayGee Bridal  -  where my perfect gown came from
Curio  - for my skin
Maitreya - for my shoes
LaPointe & Bastchild - for jewels and flowers
Truth Hair
(a picture from Valentines day)

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