Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Me and my friend ARC...

Ok..   You know how it is..  Uber lag on the SIM..  one of the first things you need check is your ARC right?  right... so.. for class.. Yesterday, had to be 750 and under... well.. i thought i was gonna have a helluva time with that.. and at first, i DID.. but, managed to get dressed.. WITH shoes and hair.. and be at 689..   

Then I looked at todays..   250?!?  wow..  how the heck was i going to pull this one off?... I mean..  My truth hair is over 2000 itself =P

Needless to say,  As beautiful as my favorite hair is, i was not able to wear it for todays class.. nor my shinies..  HOWEVER!!!

I did manage to dress for class, and came in at 225  YAY!!   Did you know, you can strip down to just your shape and skin.. and your arc is really really low.. i think mine was 16...  Then i added a pair of sandals..   and some noob hair..   and i was good to go =)  Looked kinda creepy but..  it did the job i needed to do...

AND on another note, i finally FINALLY managed to get my Huddle EZ working correctly.. and .. (Veronica should be so proud)  I managed to make my own notecard *beaming* and added it into the huddle..  So all in all... other than my rl me being sick as a dog (walking pneumonia)  its been a productive day!!

and BTW..  Debbie did say we would all have gotten an A+ on the midterm if it was today (well first she told me D-...   think she was trying to give me a pixel attack  LOL love ya!)  

til later times....

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