Monday, February 14, 2011

Danielle Fashion show.. Taken from Taby which was taken from Debbie....

It was SO unfortunate that I had to miss this show!  But, as they say, c'est la vie, oui?...  I heard from many that it went amazingly well and want to send out kudos to all who participated!! ** Applause**  Job well done =)

til later times

Danielle Fashion Show at CWS

Debbies Blogaspere: "Today's show by Dani went perfectly. All the girls really put in so much effort to look their best. Dani came backstage too, and made sure the styling were good, this is what the best designers do. Many will zoom in and IM if they want you to change something. Dani prefers to go closer and that's great. She was even in our group picture .It was also Izadora's first show, and I have to say that she made me feel jolly proud. Its always so lovely when you see a dream come true, and I know Iza loved every second. Also Janda was our centre. She is still a student, so is doing amazingly well. There is allot of pressure at fashion shows, as you want yo do so well for the designer and also the other girls at CWS.

Anrol also had the most lovely idea, and that was that in our bio we all wore Dani's free gift the buterfly dress. I do rather hope that she was happy with this splendid and kind thing, it really was super.

At the end of the show, I help with the video and dance. It was such fun.

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