Friday, February 11, 2011

Grabbing a tail and getting graded.....

..... *grins* makes me wonder if we are getting graded on our backsides!!    Actually, I am nervous, even though Debbie says we are all doing great..   Yes, our confidence is definately building, and for my part, it HAS been noticed!!  What a good feeling!! 

I DO want to say, my fellow classmates,  the trainers,  everyone has been SO wonderful!  I am loving the new friendships we are making and i really am looking forward to getting to know everyone even more! 

Good luck to everyone tonight at the Styling event!!  MUAHS!  See you in class!!

Til later times

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Gabriella Allardyce said...

BTW!!! Congrats to the winners in this event!! OMG It was alot of people in this show!!