Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spooookyyyyy!!! Congrats winners of the Ghost Themed Event!

Wow!  Remember my last post about themed events, I mentioned loving seeing the creativity of everyone?  Ladies.. tonight? ALL .. each and every one of you, were way over the top!  AMAZING!!!!   

Congrats to the winners: 
1st place: Nickle Aparrowtree
    2nd place: Ania Sapphire
        3rd place: LOPEZ Fairlady

This was my first time ever judging something like this, *laughs* and I have to say, THAT was HARD!!!  I do not ever envy the job of the judges thats for sure!!  Especially with the talented group we have here at CWS!  

To all the contestants,  You all deserve a round of applause.. Thanks for the shivers!!!  Gotta run, class in 30 minutes!!!  YAY!

Til later times

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