Sunday, December 2, 2012

Its the little things

This post is going to be a bit different from others I have done.  Its not a fashion post, or anything really promoting anything, at least not directly.. but a post that I hope will warm your heart as much as it did mine....

Let me tell you a little story.  For weeks now, Chance and I have been battling our respective illnesses.  From hospitalizations, to ER visits...  Days spent bedridden and nights spent crying for our pain..  but still we've managed to keep in touch through our texts, our phones, and the little bit of time we manage to get in our SL home to be together.  Without a doubt, its hard on us.  Not having our time upsets us both, making us grumpy and sad, but its the little moments where the joy and fullness of our love shines through, and helps make the time apart a little easier.   

Thanks to my wonderful cajun, we shared one of those moments a little while ago.  Though we are usually rather private, this is one of those times I wish to share with you all.

Chance's love of any game of chance is no secret and it most definitely applies to the Gacha machines at the Arcade Gacha Event . While he was there, my love found something he knew he had to have.  Not for himself, but to give to me.  Try as he might, after many lindens spent, he left without the item he coveted so greatly. ...  ya know, perhaps this will tell the story a little better than I...

[13:35] Chance Raynier: there is  one item there
[13:35] Chance Raynier: that no matter what
[13:35] Chance Raynier: i had to get
[13:35] Chance Raynier: because if ever there was something perfect made
[13:35] Chance Raynier: it is this item
[13:35] Gabriella Allardyce head tilts.. curious
[13:36] Chance Raynier: unfortunately after dumping several K >.< into it
[13:36] Chance Raynier: I did NOT get it
[13:36] Gabriella Allardyce: oh boy lol
[13:36] Chance Raynier: i didnt want to give up but
[13:36] Gabriella Allardyce: oh no!
[13:36] Chance Raynier: i'd spent so much and was running out of Ls, 
[13:36] Chance Raynier: so i grumpily relented
[13:36] Chance Raynier: but it made my heart very sad
[13:36] Chance Raynier: to the point i cried
[13:36] Chance Raynier: during this same time
[13:36] Chance Raynier: Harlow was trying to get a coveted item too
[13:37] Chance Raynier: a rare cupcake tray
[13:37] Chance Raynier: i had not gotten the tray and really didnt want it but i went over and said hell i'll try a few time
[13:37] Chance Raynier: put a coin in the slot
[13:37] Chance Raynier: and got the rare teacup cupcake cup
[13:37] Chance Raynier: tried then a 2nd time and got the rare
[13:37] Chance Raynier: so i sent them to her and she said it made her night and she was so happy because she tried ALOT and no one else had an extra
[13:38] Chance Raynier: i logged off went to bed
[13:38] Chance Raynier: in the morning i had a message
[13:38] Chance Raynier: with lots of hearts
[13:38] Gabriella Allardyce: listening quietly
[13:38] Chance Raynier: so I cannot claim to have WON you this prize
[13:38] Chance Raynier: but my want of it, and our loving friend achieved the goal
[13:38] Chance Raynier: and so i present you with, the coveted item that was finally achieved with love, for you, with a helping hand
[13:39]  Chance Raynier has given you this object:
A.D.D.Andel! Seasons Snowglobe-Rainbow Sunshine RARE 
Do you want to keep it? "Mute" will block all future offers or messages from Chance Raynier.
[13:39] Chance Raynier: Please rez it on a table
[13:40] Chance Raynier: If I could could capture a rainbow to give it to you. I would.
[13:40] Chance Raynier: So when I saw this item in that machine, I nearly had a drama queen breakdown of emotions, for it was so the epitome of what I'd give you if possible.
[13:40] Gabriella Allardyce: omg
[13:40] Chance Raynier: For you are my rainbow mon amour. And that is how you make my world look.

This is just the kind of moment that makes my heart burst with such love and joy and know that even when we are apart, Chance's mind is on me, as mine is on him.  Its the little things..  Like this.   The moments that take your breath away.

Merci, mon amour.. Je t'aime toujour....With everything I am. If I am your rainbow, you are my pot of gold, my treasure, at the end of it.  And I am so lucky to have found out what was at the end of the rainbow.

Til later times,


Anonymous said...

Mon ciel, forever and always. ♥

Keliah Angelis said...

Totally teared up. <3

Anonymous said...

OMG..true love...

Anonymous said...

This is the sweetest post.