Saturday, November 26, 2011


So its Black Friday Weekend!  and OMG the sales in SL have taken over!  there just isnt enough time to get to them all!.. I do have to say, that I went to the one at *BOOM* with Chance and OMG I got some AWESOME buys there..   The sale is 60% off yestereday (thats when i went in and grabbed stuff up lol) 40% off today, and 25% off tomorrow.  The clothes are amazing!  The shirt, scarf AND pants, are all from there.. and for me that is unusual, as I normally mix up who I am wearing often...   The clothing is realistic and very well made, well fitting and honestly?  I feel great wearing this beautiful cashmere sweater..  As I just said to Chance.. " I feel like really sexy in this outfit!  I'd do me!".. yeah..  I know, I have issues *grins*   ... but I'm really loveable!...
Til later times

OH OH >. by the way, this IS the new Truth Hair - Janice... and WOW Love this look!!

And one more thing, before I go.  I know I mentioned this on plurk a couple of times, however, I want to take a moment to send kudos to the owner of Boom..  her customer service was outstanding, and not only did she send me an item that i hadnt even realized had delivery failure, while i was still shopping, but when I returned her IM, she was sweet and gracious and this last statement to me says it all on how she feels about her customers...

  • [20:22] Gabriella Allardyce: Thank you!
  • [20:23] Aranel Ah: yw! saw the failed delivery and thought id resend it before you caught it, lol
  • [20:23] Gabriella Allardyce: =) that is incredible customer service! Thank you so much.. i appreciate it
  • [20:32] Aranel Ah: You're welcome! Just wanna make sure everyone is happy :D

What I'm Wearing
*BOOM* Pantime Pants -red

*BOOM* The Cashmere -red

*BOOM* Slim Scarf - coal

BAX Prestige Boots in Black Leather
>TRUTH< Janice - espresso (with bald base)
EarthStones Gossamer Cuff Bracelet - Diamond

EarthStones Laraine - full set - Rainbow/Platinum

"Lotus" Platinum Pear Wedding Ring v3
Belleza Elle in Deep Tan
cheLLe - (eyeliner) Eyeliner Basics (Full)

L.Fauna Lashes [Pretty]
**Pose by Purple Poses.. Promo Copies Given to Chance Raynier and can be found on his blog** 

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