Thursday, July 14, 2011

Inspire Challenge: Chance Raynier

(Credits for this photo can be found on Chance's Blog)

Many of you know  this spicy cajun, Chance Raynier  In the last couple of weeks, you have been seeing more and more of him and his blog  The Ramblings of the Ragin Cajun  Each week not only do his photos get more detailed and better, but he adds more to this amazing, witty, and down to earth blog.   His fashion sense is unparalleled.  As you can see, in each picture he knows EXACTLY what will work and man.. he knows how to work it! *grins*...

I cant begin to tell you how proud I am of this amazing man..  Ok, so perhaps I am a little biased on how great he is, however, I also have the opportunity to see  first hand just how hard he works to create each piece..  As many of you know, he is in daily pain, some days more intense then others, but, never letting up.  At times, taking the pictures could literally take hours!..  Besides the fact that he is an absolute perfectionist, his creativity and amazing sense of style show through in every post and all of that takes alot of thought and effort, that sometimes with a chronic illness such as his is all the harder to do. 

Chance, You know how much I love you..  You also inspire me...  Yes my blog has a different tone.. More casual, more candid.. but you are the one who has inspired me to try and make it more ..  Thank you.. and I cant wait to see what more you have in store!!

Now,  A few candid photos of Mr Raynier that ya'll may not have seen.. Unfortunately I dont have credits for most of these as they were taken throughout our life together, although many can be found on our respective blogs..  but hopefully it will give you another sense of who Chance Raynier, The Ragin Cajun is.. 

Til later times

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Anonymous said...

Mon amour, thank you for such an honor. You are my continual inspiration to be a better person and you have given me rainbows in a darkened world. I am in turn proud of you and all that you have done in your SLife and Life. Thank you for sharing both with me, and showing me what love is. P.S. Stop sellin my naked pics on EBAY!