Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Good morning friends!!

Today I am feeling a little bit... introspective I suppose would be a good word to describe it.  Often times you see on peoples profile, mostly in the "1st life" section.. " yes I have one, we all have reasons for being here,  SL and RL dont cross"  etc....  Yet in the next breath will say " I am very much the same RL as i am in SL.. ".....  If that is the case, then...  Isnt it indeed crossed?  If you are one person, you are one..  Even those that RP,  in order to create that character, do you not have to have a piece of yourself into it?.... I know my many years through school that I spent acting, every part I played had a piece of me in it..  I had to use experience from MY life to relate to what the character was going through, so that character became ME..  On the other side of it,   SL gives me a way of being me.. only better, or different  ..   I call this avi "Gabby 20.11... "   Me, just better.. or what I would love to be..  Not perfect, I have my faults..  Sometimes she, and I take things too personally.  Sometimes we are irrational.  Sometimes moody, and sometimes quiet.   But she has also taught ME to be more open to new things, less judgemental, and given me a chance to re-open my heart in a very real way, as RL experience had me locking it up and throwing away the key..    She experiences things that, in RL i never will be able to..   for example my new modeling career... or our newest endeavor of breeding horses (If you want one, let me know!  Im sure Lucky Heart Stables can help! *wink*)  The way she looks is even Me.. enhanced....  LOL I would LOVE to have Gabby's figure RL..  But overall, her coloring, hairstyle, eyes..etc.. are very much me... She just has access to better hair dressers and clothes =P  ...  So I guess its like this,  at least for me... Yes SL is an escape.. but not from something, but TO a better part of me, or the me I wish it was possible to be RL... And while my "reality" will always come first,   my SL is VERY real to me, as are the people I have come to know and love there..  And I cherish every minute of it.. 
Til later times

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