Friday, March 4, 2011

Letter to the March Class 2011 - From Gabby =)

Dear March 2011 class of CWS Models...

Welcome!!!   Let me start off by saying just that..  Welcome to the University at Classic w/Style..

As valedictorian of the Feb class,   I thought I'd write a little note to you all .  Give you some idea of what you are getting into..  Whats ahead.. 

You are embarking on one hell of an adventure!..   You'll meet new people.  Make friends.  learn new skills..      Truthfully,  some of you may not make it through.  Whether it be rl issues, or you realize this isnt for you,  or just need to postpone...     But whether youa re here for the full ride,  or just a class or two, you will come away with knowledge you will never get elsewhere...

The instructors here are top notch.   Each has her own style, but they are all patient, willing to go that extra mile for a student that ASKS THE QUESTIONS.  Alway, if you are not sure of something, if you missed something, or you simply want to clarify what was said, ASK.   One thing they will tell you over and over... they will assume you understand if you do not ask the question..   Even if after class, you are working on homework, or something and arent sure.. ASK. there is always at least one of them online, and on the off chance there isnt, send a notecard.. they WILL answer...

Going on that same thread, ask other models.  You'll see us at styling events,  practices..  hanging around the mall.. ASK.   Ask in group chat..   Someone will answer you =)   And just know, we were all new once.  No one will think anything less of you for asking..    The only stupid question is the one not asked..  =)

One of the greatest things I love about Classic w/Style is the camaraderie between everyone..  Seasoned models, and new ones (like ourselves)..  trainers,  Anrol and Steve..  Everyone will lift you up.  Encourage.. support and help.    You will never be left floundering on your own..   Dont ever forget..  =) in the words of the song... " You've got a friend".. 

I could write a book to sing my praises for this school..   It is going to be hard work.   Some of it will cost you money in the "tools of the trade"...   and then it will be MORE hard work.   Its time consuming, at times can be frustrating (crazy as it sounds, hardest part for me was getting the right huddle to work for me... but you'll get more on that soon) 

You will learn the best shape for your body for this SL career path...  (keep in mind that you only need use that shape for modeling..  dont lose your own shape in the process)  You will take what the instructors give you and mold it to you.   Your own look, your style....   Your own individuality and i guarantee you this.  You will walk away on graduation with a confidence you never had before.     Modeling isnt ALL about outter beauty.  It is about the whole.  And you will find that your "whole" has a dimension you didnt even no existed.

Enjoy your class time.  Make friends... work hard and you WILL learn..    I willl say this.  Other than finding my love, Chance...   enrolling in the University at Classic w/Style was the best SL decision I ever made..

My best wishes to all of you.. and if you ever need anything,   I am simply an IM away =)

Til later times

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