Saturday, February 26, 2011

Graduation - WOW what a night!

to say we were all nervous backstage was an understatement..This was our "debut"...   i mean, yeah we've all done styling shows,   some of us have done some contests.. but.. THIS WAS GRADUATION!..   What for the last 4 weeks we had been working toward.   7 days a week, since our first class on Feb 3rd.  There were 6 of us, out of 16 that started, that made it through to this final day..  Ania, Sakira, Nicki, Nickle, Lopez, and moi..   Ladies I am so proud to know you and I know that the friendships we've made through these last few weeks are ones that will last for a long long time.   We supported each other, encouraged, laughed at our mistakes, cheered our accomplishments, helped each other when we didnt understand, and just overall reminded each other of why we were doing this, and that we would not quit, we could do it, and we WOULD .. together..  and guess what?...    We did.  Our dedication paid off...............

The trainers,  Anrol and Steve,  once again I feel the need to thank you all =)  to be chose as valedictorian was truly an honor.

Congrats to Ania for best blog!! YAY!!!  and Icatoots for the upcoming class Scholarship.. And Janda for the Celina Langer award...

The Toga party after was AWESOME!!  4000 ended up on the board!!!  WOW!!   The sploder was just popping and Ajay was giving us eargasms!!    YAY!!    Was the first time Chance really got to see us all together besides on stage, so I think it was a great awesome stupendous night overall!!
No  matter what, we are all... Simply the Best   *grins*

Til later times
CWS Elite Model

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Gabriella Allardyce said...

*grins* Just an update on this.. Yesterday, with Nickle, Nicki and Sakira, we completed our final clearance and are now.. " Simply D'Best" Models.. Congrats Ladies!!!!!! Love to ya all!!