Friday, February 25, 2011

Another first.... March Cover Model Finale

Wow another first for me!  In the top 10 for cover model for march?... Me?  really..  Actually the only way I had found out was by looking at the blog.  Due to some weird SL glitch I hadnt been getting all of my notecards or something lately and didnt even know about the finale until the last minute!  Wow talk about getting it together quick!  But, I'm just proud I made it into the top 10!  Not bad for an almost graduated Student =)    Anyway, it was LOTS of fun, even if i thought i was going to throw up at first LOL  Want to thank the other ladies for their support backstage!!!   and SD A big congrats to you again honey!!! you were awesome Ms March Cover!!    Muahs !!

And tonight..... *drum roll* GRADUATION!!!!!

Til later times

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