Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cinema! ~ This preview is approved for all audiences..

The scent of the popcorn,  the hum of the crowd as they settle into the theater.  
A soft cough, a sneeze from the back... a "bless you" from the front.. 
and the lights go down.   Settling into the cushioned seat, bucket of popcorn on your lap
and an icy soda in the cup holder, the screen before you comes alive... 

"Please turn all cell phones off......."

"This preview has been approved......"

And then the booming voice:


And your eyes are glued to the huge screen in front of you! 

 Coming Soon for a limited engagement!
Opening October 13th, 2012
 The spectacular event we have all been waiting for!

Be sure to check out the amazing creations on flickr that will be available at this one of a kind event!  
And the official blog here:

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