Monday, October 15, 2012

Cinema! ~ Pretty in Pink

So on Saturday, October 13th, the Cinema 2012! event by The Hottie Cooterati Experience opened to the public.  This much anticipated event has been a smash hit ever since, with the sim consistently crowded and the SL world being wowed by the amazing offerings of the participating designers.  I will say, had this been a true movie premiere, box office records would have been broken!

 As a teen of the 80's, (yes I know, I am old! LOL) Pretty in Pink was one of my favorite movies, along with other greats such as St Elmo's Fire, The Breakfast Club and so many more.   Just look at the line up of the stars! Andrew McCarthy, Molly Ringwald, just to name a couple, part of the original brat pack that grew up with those of us in that decade.   With this in mind, I put together this gorgeous pink ensemble.  And anyone that knows me knows that Pink is of course one of my signature colors, right behind rainbow!  

So if you haven't been down to Cinema 2012! yet,  be sure you grab a date and go to the movies.  And make sure you check out the amazing build, which I might add is all mesh!! You will not only be amazed at the great shopping experience, but the visual and social appeal of the Cinema 2012! make it an adventure!   If I were Siskel and Ebert, I would give it two thumbs up!

~Til later times

What I am wearing:
Necklace:  MG - Necklace - Jewelled Love - Available at Cinema 2012!
*Adorkable Poses  Frontier - Available at Cinema 2012!

**Alice Project* Willow [Low] - Infinity - Available at Cinema 2012!
*SYSY's-Mesh-Bellegown- Rose - Available at Cinema 2012!

* promotional copies - Thank you so much!

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