Monday, July 2, 2012

What's your digits? Take Two- The Mesh Revolution!

The amazingly talented Strawberry Singh issued a new challenge recently (Click upon her name for the blog post).  A while back she had asked the question, what are your digits?   Since then, with the emergence of Mesh and standard sizing and the like, she asks again...  What are your digits NOW?  Have you changed or conformed to fit Standard sizing or have you bucked the new mesh in hopes of the deformer being released soon?   Personally, I found that my avi wasn't far off of a Medium size in standard sizing.  With a few minor adjustments to standard, and some nips and tucks here and there depending on designer of different clothes, I found I could easily fit into the plethora of mesh clothing now available in our virtual world.  Things I love about mesh?  it moves with you,  it looks more realistic, no prim patches for skirts!...  One thing I don't like is when wearing a skirt, and the alpha layer, and sitting? how you often lose your body..   But with time that will hopefully be fixed.  Overall I am amazed at how lovely the clothes look.  Very rarely have I been unhappy with a mesh find, and I feel that I can be even more creative and have more options available to me now than ever before!   
Anyway... now that I've babbled =)  I am going to show you the after (now) picture first, and the before (then) next.   Do disregard the model figure in the first picture, as I am no longer doing that, I did not include two shapes on the now version.
 I can honestly say I am happy in my own skin right now, and with this new and improved version of myself =)   Thanks for asking, Berry!  I hope this answered your question.... (Moving to flickr to add to the group LOL)

Til later times...

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Strawberry Singh said...

Your curves are so gorgeous Gabby! Thank you for participating again. <3