Friday, June 1, 2012

faMESHed for positivity!!

My poor neglected blog! 
It's been months since its seen a post and how sad is that?!    But, here it is everyone!   Omg .. I visited faMESHed today..   and I think Chance was very proud because I went shopping on my own with out him dragging me!  But i SO had to have this outfit from {Cracked Mirror}  The Nicolette Skirt and Tank were an awesome fit, paired with Izzie's mesh sunglasses, SLink rigged mesh feet and NEW ilena sandals, and last but not least, Truth's newest group gift, Jessie set a great stage for this photo!!  The event link is above the photo and WOW i took care of credits all right here *grins*

On another note, Positivity.  Omg it has ABOUNDED on Plurk this evening.  Someone started a meme, stating to basically send them a private plurk with a random number.  they would then take that number and respond publicly with a NICE thing about you!  It has taken over and it is SO very nice to see all the great things people love about each other!!  Thank you plurkers! you made my night!

Til later times,

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