Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Another year has come and gone, and with it so much has happened.  A question asked today on Plurk was "What did you learn in 2011?"     For me, there were a few things.  I learned that I could let my walls down completely (this one took a while!) and let someone back in and know that yes, that DID give that person the power to hurt me more than anyone else, but the risk.. and for me it was huge, of that pain, was more than worth it.  I found my other half.  I know it can sound cheesy.  I know it doesnt always make sense to find love this way, and I know that being across the country from each other makes this all the harder.  But I have found (another epiphany)  That love, true deep unconditional love, can transcend time, distance and so much more. (this IS about you, Chance!! *grins*)  

In my other life I have learned that I can not always change the past, and no amount of my guilt, or anger is going to change what happened.  All I can control is to guide where the future will go.  For me, and for my children. 

I've also learned overall.. That you can not please everyone all the time.  And that it IS ok to disagree with someone you love.  it may hurt at first, but you dont always have to see eye to eye on something.   And even if you dont agree, try to understand it.

The last couple of years had been very hard on me personally.  I wont go into details but suffice to say some major changes came about in my life and I have had alot of growing to do.   For all of the downs in 2011, there were so many more ups.  And I am very blessed. 

From both of us, May 2012 bring you good health, love, happiness and everything you may.. well not necessarily want, but everything you may need.

Peace love and joy...

~Til later times
Mrs. Gabriella Allardyce- Raynier
the lucky wife of the Amazingly Awesome Mr. Chance Raynier..

PS.  I am not adding credits to my blog today.   All photos were taken by Chance Raynier     Greetingcard setting arranged by me via Corel Paint Shop Pro and All of the credits can be found on: Hello 2012!

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