Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hi hi!!

Wow!! What a busy couple of weeks.. Both RL and SL have me jumpin in my shoes!!  OH OH OH!  First off, let me share this link to my model video *beaming*  Omg I love it!!   Ms Gabriella Allardyce- CWS Model  What fun that was!!  I did all the photography for it myself.. 
Have had some fun at the styling events!!   I was first place in the Rainbow stying..   and just this week (didnt get the pic LOL)  was 2nd in the skater event!    The butterfly I didnt place in but i SO loved my outfit for it *grins*

OH OH  Did i tell you Chance and I now have cats too? ..  what started as a kitty for my birthday (pictured above with Chance) has grown to .. um.. I think we have about a dozen of them now!!   Ive been on a pink kick lately, and Chance has indulged me well, even with our animals!  I have two kitties right now that have pink eyes, and one of them is the valentines limited edition one.. SOOO pretty!!  The boy with the pink eyes looks like chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream! (See the pic?)  LOL And omg! Our herd of horses!!  It just keeps growing!  Even after we thin it out,  we go to an auction and just cant pass some of them up..  I do have a few special spendy horses now though..   My "thats love" pretty girl , another pink one with warmth, OH my Aries eyed girl!  And another hazel pink..  and.. wow I have been spending a ton of Ls on these..  but its fun =)

Well anyway..  i think that covers it for now!  I have to go and put the finishing touches on my dance for the Ms Lady Elegance pageant this week (nail biting - this is my first pageant)  Wish me luck!!
Til later times

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