Monday, February 7, 2011

Wow.. I really won an event? Neko Theme!!

To say that I was surprised is an understatement *grins*....  and I was fully prepared to exit....  and then I see this:

[18:01]  ... Laylah Lecker announces: & Winner of Today's/Tonight's Styling Neko!!........
[18:01]  Cece Bovarro: ❤«´¨`•°❤APPLAUSE❤«´¨`•°❤
[18:01]  Gabriella Allardyce: YAY Chloe!!
[18:01]  Tiffani Celestalis: ☆Applause☆
[18:01]  ... Laylah Lecker announces: .....☆Gabriella Allardyce ☆
[18:01]  Laylah Lecker: ☆Applause☆
[18:01]  Ask Me If U Want To Be a Model  (steve101.mccullough): ☆Applause☆
[18:01]  Laylah Lecker: ☆Applause☆
[18:01]  Blaire (baudelaire.biscuit): wtg Gabbi!
[18:01]  Wei Wei (meimei.shiu): woohooooo
[18:01]  Tiffani Celestalis: ☆Applause☆
[18:01]  Laylah Lecker: ☆Applause☆
[18:01]  Gabriella Allardyce: blinks
[18:01]  Cece Bovarro: woooohoooooooo
[18:01]  Gabriella Allardyce: Me?
I mean WOW!!   My fellow contestants were ALL amazing!   and they set the bar so high!  I truly did not expect this (even though you always hope LOL)  and am so thankful to everyone who made it possible!     Chole and Nicki you both looked amazing!  As did everyone there!  Nickle!  I know that judging job couldnt  have been easy...  *nail biting*  heck I'll find out myself on Wednesday..   but you did a great job.. *grins*  if i do say so myself..   Seriously,  thank you !!!

Ok.. so..   this was my 4th styling event..   And I have learned something from each of them!  I would definately suggest to every contestant to enter these.. Even if you arent exactly sure what to do.. Ask someone!!  Or watch closely!!    Learn that basic formation!   Take the free class.. one..  two..  Four times if you have to!   and PRACTICE the formation!!!   I promise you if nothing else you will have ALOT of fun!!!..     *grins*  Now if ya'll will excuse me.. I'm going to go spend some alone time with mon amour Chance, and celebrate......   

Til later times

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❤Ania said...

You did terrific last night, Congratulations, amazing job... kisses