Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finals today... OMG I was so nervous!!!

I thought I was nail biting for Mid terms... but MAN was I nervous this morning when I woke up, logged in knowing I had finals today...  Now, I was scheduled last, but..  Anrol happened to IM, .... and the next thing I knew I had it first thing!   OMG! I was shaking!  Talking to myself..  " Ok Gabs.. You can do this. you know it.. Earlier is good, it wont make you nervous all day, but ok you wont have time to double check everything but you can do it".... LOL Chance said to me.. " Gabby you were prepared for it 2 days ago.. Good luck!!"   Gotta love that man *grins*

Ok so it wasnt as bad as I feared.  I knew what I was doing.  And above all, I did the very best I could.     Good luck to those that havent taken it yet (no I am not giving away what had to be done LOL)  and see my sistahs on the runway!!  MUAH!

Til later times

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